13 Ways to Use Potatoes Very Few People Know About

8. Improve your health with potato juice.

By providing all kinds of nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C, potato juice strengthens the immune system and provides many health benefits.

Earlier this year, Manchester University scientists discovered that potato juice contained a molecule that could cure ulcers and heartburn. It could even prevent the growth of bacteria in one’s stomach. In addition to lowering cholesterol and preventing cancer, it can also help you lose weight and relieve constipation.

Additionally, this dish is fairly simple to prepare. Peel and wash an unpeeled potato. Cut it and pour it into a blender until it becomes a liquid paste. Pass the tomato puree through a gauze to separate the juice from the solids. That doesn’t mean it will taste like it’s straight from heaven. You’re free to add fresh juice from other vegetables to enhance the flavor.

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