13 Ways to Use Potatoes Very Few People Know About

These amazing tubers can be prepared in an impressive range of ways–and that may be just about all of it. But we recently discovered this vegetable can be put to use for cleaning silverware, lightening armpits, and even making some new works of art.

We have put together a list of thirteen awesome ways you can turn potatoes into your best friend. Check it out!

1. Get rid of rust easily.

We all get rust on our metal, and it’s totally normal. The question is, how do we get rid of it from our taps or pans? Potatoes can be surprisingly helpful. the first step is to cut it in half. take some baking soda, table salt, or dish detergent. if your potato isn’t magic, cut off a small slice and repeat the process by dipping it in what you’ve chosen and rubbing it over the rusty item. let it dry after rinsing.

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