13 Ways to Use Potatoes Very Few People Know About

2. Treat your burns.

Please note that the method described below is more suitable for sunburns, but you don’t have to worry about it. if you’d like to treat minor burns with it, we’ll let you know how to change it.

Clean a couple of potatoes thoroughly, then slice them thinly. In case you don’t want to cut them, you can grate them or grind them into a pulp. These methods are messier, but they provide your skin with more cooling juice. Secure the compresses to your skin with gauze and cotton pads. Slices (or whatever you choose) can be applied to the affected area, left on for 10 to 15 minutes, then removed and washed.

When you’re dealing with very high or low boiling water burns, for instance, do not use the boiled water (or sliced potato) solution. This type of water is too caustic. In cases like these, opt for mashed raw potatoes – it is the most delicate and moist of solutions.

You should apply the mash to the burn gently and wait for it to dry. It may take up to several hours, so stay calm and change it when the mash turns brown. A faster reaction equals better results.

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