12 Products That Aren’t Worth Buying Its Even With a Big Discount

11- Canned fish in oil

Canned products are appreciated by everyone since they provide portion control, fish are ready to eat, and have the same nutrients as fresh fish. Usually, canned goods come in two variations in their own juice, either fresh or in oil (which is obviously the juiciest option), but you’ll maximize your consumption of nutrients by choosing one that’s canned in its own juice. This illustrates an important point. On average, in one of these servings (shown in the photo above), omega-3 is 20% less than in the other, because tuna in the water loses only 3% of its omega-3 – it stays in the liquid that we drain. But if the tuna is in oil, then it will have only 15-25% of this precious substance. Basically, all this is because omega-3 is soluble in fat.

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