Can essential oils (aromatherapy) be used on children?


Aromatherapy instead of pills or syrup. Seems like a good idea for relieving minor pains in children, who love smells and react very well to them.

Essential fragrances work in different ways. For example, as components of a cream that is applied to the chest for a cold and the vapors of which are inhaled through the nose.

Oh yes, the aromatic molecules enter the organism through a special device through the breathing air, like an ultrasonic nebulizer.

An adjusted dose for children is important

Remember that Essential fragrance oils and ointments can be dangerous for infants and young children under the age of two. Likewise fragrance lamps and nebulizers.

For older children, there are three requirements that are critical. Products recommended only for adults are not suitable for children. Attention should also be paid to ecological certification to avoid the presence of pollutants, and more Pure essential oils should never be used directly on the skin, they should always be diluted with a neutral massage oil or buy finished products.

We present some gentle and effective recipes against classic childhood diseases, They are made with essential oils that are easy to find and very easy to make.

Essential Oils

1. Headache

When children complain of headaches, it can have many reasons, such as tension and stress, but it can also be the first symptom of an imminent infection. In children over 12 years of age,Nana mint (Moroccan mint) can help with its active ingredient menthol.

Mix a drop of Moroccan mint with a drop of a neutral oil, such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, on a cotton swab. Then rub the child’s temples with it and rub the rest gently on the neck.

If you are looking for a faster cure, There are also products that are prepared in roll-on form in the pharmacy, in the health food store or in some well-stocked organic supermarkets.

If the pain is persistent, severe, or accompanied by nausea and dizziness, you should go to the children’s emergency room.

2. To increase concentration

Does your child often seem restless when playing or doing homework and is easily distracted? that’s what they are for Ideal blends of lemon, other citrus fruits and some lavender in a diffuser.

Add to that the lack of concentration test anxiety, Neroli, an oil made from the white flower of the bitter orange, can have a calming effect.

Likewise is available as a ready-to-use roll-on that the child can take to school and simply apply to pulse points, temples and neck, as necessary.

3. Against abdominal pain

Stomach pain is often caused by digestive problems, but often the psyche also plays a role. Sensitive children often react to arguments or pressure with spasms.

In these cases, the following combination has proven its worth: Mix one tablespoon of neutral massage oil like jojoba or sweet almond oil with one drop of fennel oil, which has antispasmodic properties, and two drops of lavender oil, which has calming properties. Apply the mixture to the abdomen and the inside of the soles of the feet with a gentle massage.

 Dominique Baudoux

4. To fall asleep

To help the little ones fall asleep, Lavender and Neroli (oil from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree) They can be used in a diffuser.

For a child’s room of about ten square meters, you can use drops of neróló and add three drops of tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata). The scent is reminiscent of vanilla and conveys security. This often makes it easier for children to fall asleep.

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