Plants for cats with healing properties

exist many plants with medicinal properties for humans, which if used correctly can also be beneficial for our pets.

At least if you haven’t offered it to your pet yet Have you heard of catnip? catnip, is considered the queen of plants for cats because it improves the quality of life of these cats by relieving their stress and anxiety. However, this is not the only plant suitable for your Micho.

Just as there are medicinal plants for humans, there are also many herbs that contain Medicinal substances that can promote animal health. In this article we will focus on plants for cats and present some of the most effective and useful ones for their care along with their main benefits.

Are Plants Good for Cats?

People use medicinal plants and plant extracts when they are unwell or to keep fit and prevent illness. That alternative and natural remedies They can also be a valid solution to health issues affecting cats and other pets.

The use of medicinal plants can provide the following benefits:

  • increase the immune defense the cat.
  • reduce the stress in cats and they calm down.
  • improve your indigestion.
  • Help the cat absorb certain things better nutrient.
  • weaken circulatory problemsurinary tract and other diseases.

Of course it is important before offering your cat any herbal tea or applying any plant extracts Be aware of which plants are safe for cats. It is also important to know that there are plants that are poisonous to cats and to have them identified.

In any case, it is advisable to always consult your veterinarian as to what natural remedies are best for your cat, as plants, like medicines, may have side effects or interact with other herbs and medicines.

Natural food for dogs and cats

The best plants for cats

The list of medicinal herbs for cats can be extensive, especially considering that research is increasingly focused on discovering new herbal compounds and treating them Effects on human and animal health. Here we suggest some of the most interesting plants for cats due to their potential benefits for our furry friends.

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